Thursday, 28 February 2013

Making Your Stay in Coventry Worthwhile

After graduation, most of us will leave never to come back to the United Kingdom again not to talk of Coventry. Then why not make the one year stay worthwhile.This week I will be considering the social trips for current international students in Coventry University. The international office has thought it wise to make international students stay in Coventry worthwhile. I am very well aware that the pressure is mounting and the deadlines are very near for the submission of course works, but after the submissions I will like you guys to check out some of these interesting offers.
 Education I believe is not all about what we learn in the four walls of the classroom. It encompasses all things. Going to places where have not been before is an aspect of education. Most of the time in our various schools where we came from we go for field trips, so it’s something of that nature. The international office has arranged so many field trips to different places in the UK.  I know some of you have heard about this abut are not interested while some dont even know how it works or don’t even know how to pay.  It is very simple. All you have to do is to log on to the website below the table and follow and click on the section for the event and follow the guidlines. its quite affordable so dont be scared or turned away by the price. However it should be noted that you have to pay in advance so has to be part of the group.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Hotels in Coventry

I know how it gets when our families come to visit and we do not know that we stay well worry no more here are a list of hotels they can stay and still be close to you.


Coventry Hotel
Smithford Way
Off Corporation Street
Tel: 0871 984 6385 * 
Fax: 02476 552298

Monday, 25 February 2013

Get a Railcard & Save Your Money For a Nice Trip

Do you still worry about the high price of the train ticket?
Do you want to win the tickets to Art13 London?

If you're aged between 16 and 25, or are older and in full-time education, a 1-year Railcard costs just £28 and will save you 1/3 on rail fares throughout Great Britain -that is £2.33 a month for huge savings.

5 Ways to Get Around in Coventry

Lo & Behold Coventry Conquerors!

Hope you guys have been getting around pretty well so far :D If not, no worries >> today I am going to share with you some vital information with regards to the 5 ways to travel in Coventry - by car, taxi, bus and coach, train and air.
























1. Car

If you are a newbie in Coventry and you already have a car to get around - kudos - way to go mate! :D If you don't have one at the moment but are planning get one very soon -awesome mate! There are 5 major national motorway links in this region and some popular A roads as main arterial routes. It would take you approximately 20 - 30 minutes to reach Birmingham and about one and a half hour, give or take a few, to reach London. I won't talk much about the boring stuff - you'll get used to it once you get a car :D The Coventry City Council has the car parking rates. Click here to view this.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

What is the only way to do sports in this weather ? Rileys !!!

Hey guys, tired of studying and not having the time to engage in some sports, especially in this cold winter ? Rileys has some great deals for both socializing and drinking (as usual) while playing some sort of sports...

Firstly, Rileys is Europe's largest operator of Pool and Snooker clubs. Rileys in Coventry is one of the UK's leading sports bars in this field. This brand has a network of fantastic sports bars all over the nation. At the Rileys in Coventry, you can find plenty of high quality pool and snooker tables, late bar and good food in this friendly and lively venue. It also offers a huge 3 meter HD screen, a very comfy fan zone provides the ultimate sports viewing experience, showing all the big matches from SKY of football from the main european leagues. If you don't fancy football and darts is your thing, then you're going to love it, a multi lane darts zone is waiting for you.

Friday, 22 February 2013

African Food!!!

Looking to try something different to get your taste buds on fire? Why not try African food? In Coventry, we have 2 different restaurant which serve mouth watering delicacies (PALMS AND KALABASH). They serve fried rice, jollof rice, stew grilled fish, pepper soup, eba, okro - absolutely everything and exactly the way they make it back home. 

Visit the Ricoh Arena

The Ricoh Arena can be regarded as a "Must-see" attraction of Coventry, because of its impact on the city's sport, business and entertainment activities...

What can you do at the Ricoh Arena ?

Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Coventry Harvard Referencing Style

The Harvard reference system is the acknowledged referencing guide for Coventry University. For most international students, this might be seen as a big deal. I was confused at some point. The whole thing looked very strange and to worsen the case, we were being told about the power and wonders of the Almighty TURNITIN. But please don’t be scared. It’s quite simple. One mistake most of us make is not recording majority of our sources when we assess them. I will like to advise you guys to always try and write them down immediately. For this article I have consulted some sources including school’s referencing guide.
To start with, some things are essential when compiling and making the reference list. These are the things you should put down or record:

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

10 Must-Haves from ICELAND

Lo & Behold Coventry Conquerors!

Hope you're surviving, and doing great - with the nice, sunny, warm, weather since day before yesterday :D (I wish we have this weather for the rest of winter :P) Also, I hope you're learning how things roll in Coventry >> big time eh? :P On that note, this week, I am going to share with you the 10 items that I think are a must purchase from Iceland ( Don't know where Iceland is? Locate Iceland). Please do not mind the picture quality - I tried my best! They didn't allow me to click pictures when I asked for a permission, so I kinda had to sneak, snoop and basically act like an unwanted detective :P My apologies to Iceland for being officious, but I wanted to do it for all my endearing wanna-be Coventry Conquerors (Kidding :P) Anyway, putting a hold to all my blabbering here >>> Ready, Steady AAAND


Number ONE

Iceland - 5 Garlic Baguettes

Item: Iceland 5 Garlic Baguettes

Price: £2


This is definitely the no. 1 must have from Iceland. I mean, for a meager £2 , you get 5, full-sized, delicious garlic baguettes with tiny specks of parsley and lots of butter, and THEY, TASTE, AMAZING!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Let's go shopping in Cov !!!

Hey Lads, Let's go shopping in Cov!

I will go through a few stores in Coventry where especially guys can find mainly two different styles of dressing.

2 Seasons

2 Seasons is a chain of UK stores and website selling Snowboard, Ski, Surf & Skate clothing & equipment form brands like Billabong, Element, Nixon, Dakin, North Face & Salomon.
The store is not only for men but also for those sports are predominantly practiced by men.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Shopping Right

Warm greetings to all my fellow international students. Hope you guys are coping with the weather? To the business of the day, understanding the market structure of a community is essential for economizing and getting the best bargain for your daily needs.Why should you buy some products for so much when you can actually get them for a pound or under. That is why this week; I will be giving you some insights on three shops you can visit for the best bargains. Without much ado, we start with the famous 99 Pence shop and PoundLand . We will also consider another shop called Home Bargains.


All the goods in this store as the name suggest goes for under £1. You might think the products they offer are very few, but you have to check it out yourself.